'GREAT BRAVERY': Man, 77, beats back alleged ATM robber

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There’s nothing like some good old fashioned fisticuffs to make you feel young again.

A 77-year-old man showed off his boxing prowess by beating back an individual alleged to have attempted to rob the man after he withdrew cash from an ATM, The Independent reports.

The incident occurred outside a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Cardiff, Wales, on Feb. 5 and was captured by surveillance footage.

In the video, the elderly gentleman is seen taking out money from an ATM before walking back to his car. He didn’t make it far before the suspected mugger, dressed in dark clothing and a vibrant safety vest, grabs the man.

The 77-year-old apparently is not to be trifled with as he is seen pushing off the alleged attacker before putting up his fists. The two square off and circle one another briefly before the elderly man throws a couple of hard-hitting jabs.

Emboldened, the elderly man is seen in the video taunting the would-be robber with a hand gesture as if to ask the assailant if he wants some more.

Words are exchanged between the pair before the video ends.

“The victim in this case showed great bravery, however he has been left shaken,” Det. Const. Stephen Mayne, of the South Wales police, said. “We would encourage anyone who knows him to please come forward.”

Police are investigating the incident.

Twitter users appeared to show support for the elderly man, applauding his boxing abilities.

“Good on the elderly gentleman. Great boxing stance, nice left jab and then says come on then. He has my absolute respect,” one user wrote.

“Oh bless him! Must have been terrifying for him but good on him for fighting him off!” another added.