'JUST OWN IT': 6-foot-4 GTA model celebrates height on Instagram

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By day, Emerald Van Langen is a 32-year-old food and nutrition manager for the kitchen at a long-term care nursing home in the GTA.

But on her Instagram acount, the 6-foot-4 redhead is living her best life as a head-turning model after being discouraged from following that path when she was 16.

Emerald Van Langen Photo by Supplied photo /Toronto Sun

“They were complaining about (me being) larger than sample sizing of four,” she said.

“And my hips are larger. So I kind of just gave up I guess.”

But then a promising lead came her way from an agency specializing in tall models.

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“Someone approached me and said, ‘I know, Yekaterina Lisina, the tallest model in Russia, that’s 6-foot-9,’” said Van Langen. “And so they tested me with her but she wasn’t too interested at the time either with my photos. (The agency wanted me to) make a portfolio, wanted certain photos styled and stuff.

“So, I was going to start working on that but then COVID-10-9 hit in March, so I haven’t reapplied,” she added. “But right now I’m just working as a freelance model and so far it’s working. “


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Emerald Van Langen Photo by Supplied photo /Toronto Sun

Except for the creeps.

Van Langen uses a pseudonym due to some unwanted attention to her photos that range from girl-next-door to sexy siren on a stripper’s pole.

“There are stalkers and stuff,” said the statuesque beauty who also didn’t want her hometown or place of work listed for the same reason.

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“Then there are comments: “People are like, ‘You should do more of a fetish-style (images).’ It’s like fan requests. And the comments can be pretty explicit. In my DMs, there was one person who said ‘I’d like to climb you for sex.’”

Van Langen, married for the last eight years to her 5-foot-10 husband, said men can be intimidated by her height.

“They are uncomfortable and I can see it sometimes,” she said. “If they’re tall themselves, like a similar height, it’s like for them it’s unusual to have such a tall lady around.”

In the meantime, Van Langen said while she’s waiting for modelling assignments, her Instagram postings are getting the word out about how tall girls can survive and thrive in a sometimes cruel world.

“Just own it,” said Van Langen. “Walk proud and stand up straight. If kids are teasing you, like that’s on them.”